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PD Dr.-Ing. (Dipl. Biol) Practical course enzyme technology +49 721 608-46478 katrin ochsenreither does-not-exist.kit edu
PD Dr. (Dipl.-Biol.) Management: Biocatalysis, basic lecture "Biochemistry", microscopy instruction +49 721 608-48428  
PhD students and research assistents
name titel assignment phone e-mail
M. Sc. Hydrogen generation using recombinant Parageobacillus. +49 721 608-46737 magda ardila does-not-exist.kit edu
M. Sc.   anna-lena drommershausen does-not-exist.kit edu
M. Sc.   lukas hartmann does-not-exist.kit edu
M. Sc. syngas fermentation / syngas fermentation +49 721 608-46737 alberto robazza does-not-exist.kit edu
M. Sc. Utilization of lignocellulose by anaerobic fungi kevin schulz does-not-exist.kit edu
M. Sc. Process Development and Optimization of Biobutanol Production from Agricultural Residue: Enset /ensete ventricosum +49 721 608-46738 nebyat seid does-not-exist.kit edu
M.Sc. Molecular Biosciences   niklas teetz does-not-exist.kit edu
M.Sc. Mol. Bioscience    
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