Biotechnology profile subject

In the bachelor's degree program in bioengineering, the profile subject biotechnology is offered.
This includes two lectures, the profile subject lecture "Biotechnology" and the lecture "Instrumental Bioanalytics".

The profile subject also includes a three-week practical exercise, which ends with a written paper and a presentation of the results.

The following institutes/chairs offer profile subject assignments:

  • EBT (Electrobiotechnology) - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Drk Holtmann

  • µBVT (Microsystems in bioprocess engineering) -  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Grünberger

  • MAB (Molecular Processing of Bioproducts) - Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch

  • IFG AG (Bioprocess technology and biosystems) - Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwartz

  • IFG AG (Process technology of particle-based interfaces) - Prof. Dr. Matthias Franzreb

  • IFG AG (3D cell culture systems) - Prof. Dr. Eric Gottwald

  • IFG AG (Analytical Biochemistry) - Dr. Gerald Brenner-Weiß

  • IGB 1-AG (Molecular Evolution) - Dr. Kersten Rabe


For further information please visit the homepage of the Institute of Bio- and Food Technology IV - MAB

For questions concerning the organization please contact Mrs. Iris Perner-Nochta.