Electrobiotechnology as a component of the bioeconomy

Mankind is facing global challenges associated with a growing world population and rising living standards. These challenges include, among others, the increase of theCO2 concentration in the atmosphere, the security of supply (especially with energy, food, and medicines), and the finiteness of natural resources.
In close cooperation with other institutes and departments at KIT as well as national and international partners from academia and industry, the Chair of Electrobiotechnology develops appropriate methods to solve the global challenges.
The current research topics include:
  • Enzymatic and microbial electrosyntheses

  • Elucidation and optimization of interactions between biocatalysts and electrodes

  • ElectrobiotechnologicalCO2 reduction

  • Development of screening tools

  • Reactor development

  • Digitized reactor and process development

Furthermore, related topics are worked on in the chair, these are in particular:
  • New production organisms in biotechnology

  • Gas fermentations and C1 biotechnology

  • Reaction cascades

  • Process development for biotechnological conversion of renewable raw and residual materials



CIW_EBT_Ridolf-Planck-Preis 2023
Max Bilger wins Rudolf Plank Award 2023!

We are very pleased that our former master student Max Bilger has been awarded the Rudolf Plank Prize 2023 for the best master's degree in bioengineering!

The master thesis was supervised at our institute by PD Dr. Jens Rudat.