Professional training for teachers/ Lab classes for students

NaT-Working Verfahrenstechnik Karlsruhe

Within the project NaT-Working process engineering, we take part in the professional development for teachers and school laboratories in biotechnology and microbiology.
Aim of the project is to build a bridge between  the new subject "Science and Technology" (NwT) in middle school education and the engineering sciences.
Institutes of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Technology have designed and constructed five experimental modules together with specialist teachers to work out the essential features and technical thinking, i.e. the implementation of scientific knowledge in practical technical solutions.
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Modulbeschreibung Biotechnologie und Mikrobiologie

Here properties of mikroorganisms (friend and/or foe), are presented as well as the cultivation and ways of evidence.
Other topics are working under sterile conditions and the technical application on the example of the production of microbial products by using the fermenter (e.g. antibiotics).