Optimization of an ω-transaminase for the synthesis of special amino acids

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    Dr. Jens Rudat

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As part of the Molecular Interaction Engineering sub-project SynCasc, we are working on the modification of an ω-transaminase for the synthesis of particular amino acids. To this end, the transaminase will be optimized for synthesis by guided evolution.

The main focus of the work is the development of high-throughput test systems for guided evolution as well as the characterization of biocatalytic reactions. In addition, new questions arise in this context for theses in the Bachelor or Master program.

Projektbeschreibung w-Transaminase

Cooperation partner:
Prof. Dr. Katja Schmitz TU Darmstadt, (Research Unit Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Kersten Raabe, KIT Karlsruhe, (research area Molecular Evolution)
M.Sc. Sven Jager (AK Prof. Dr. Hamacher), TU Darmstadt, (Research Area Computational Biology and Simulation)